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Gas Dehydration Desiccants


PT. Proservindo Pratama is Exclusive Distributor in Indonesia for Van Gas Products

GasDry desiccants from Van Gas Technologies are used to remove water vapor from natural gas. GasDry desiccants are applied throughout the natural gas industry, from the production field, to the processing plant, to storage, transmission, and distribution.

Natural gas dehydration experts at Van Gas Technologies have decades of experience and have encountered virtually every application imaginable.

Gas Dry Max

Gas Dry(TM) Max
Gas Dry Max is the highest performing absorbent deliquescent desiccant available on the market. GasDry Max can dry natural gas to meet pipeline moisture specifications and is ideal for the most demanding natural gas dehydration applications, where natural gas producers and transporters need to prevent gas line freeze-ups, hydrate formation and condensation while operating under very cold ambient conditions.

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Gas Dry Peak

Gas Dry(TM) Peak
GasDry Peak is a moderate cost, high performance absorbent deliquescent desiccant used for drying sales gas, fuel gas, and instrument gas. GasDry Peak should only be used in natural gas dehydration applications where gas temperatures do not exceed 80F (27C).

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Gas Dry Prime

Gas Dry (TM) Prime
Gas Dry Prime is a low-cost desiccant for meeting basic natural gas dehydration requirements. GasDry Prime is often used to dry fuel gas in applications where fuel and instrumentation lines are not exposed to extremely low ambient temperatures. GasDry Prime can be used in combination with GasDry Max to improve operating efficiency in natural gas dehydration systems were two gas dehydration vessels are piped in series.

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